3 Ways To Keep Your Car Safe This Storm Season

3 Ways To Keep Your Car Safe This Storm Season

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As we face potential heatwave conditions this summer, spare a thought for the wild weather that is an inevitable consequence of harsh Australian summers. Bushfires and electrical storms are a leading news topic and, unfortunately, are all too common during the hotter months. These weather systems can have life-changing consequences if you and your family are unprepared. When a severe storm hits, batten down the hatches around the house and if youre out and about its important to make sure you follow the 3 tips below to keep your car as safe as possible.

1. Insurance

Driving is a rite of passage and symbol of independence most of us achieve in our teens and would be lost without. No matter whether your car is financed or owned outright, it is important to maintain an appropriate level of insurance cover to protect against accidental damage or injury. If access to a vehicle is necessary for you to generate an income, then make sure your comprehensive insurance is up-to-date and covers storm damage before the summer storm season hits. Consider including hire-car options and new for old replacement so youre not caught short if it comes down to an insurance claim.

2. Photos

Its a good idea to take photos of the current condition of your car so that you have a images to reference in the event of storm damage. Keep them on your computer and make sure you have printouts with your insurance information. Its always advisable to keep a backup stored off-site or with a cloud service as well.

3. Heed storm warnings

Try to plan ahead if the weather forecast is looking grim, park undercover or make alternative arrangements to get around. Invest in a hail cover if you dont have access to a garage or carport, a padded cover isnt a magic force field but it will at least minimise any hailstone damage. If you get caught out during a storm dont try and outrun the storm by speeding, make sure you turn on your lights to improve your visibility and avoid driving through water on the road, even shallow water can prove hazardous.

Bottom Line:

This summer is set to be one of the heaviest storm seasons that we've seen in many years. El Nino is reversing which always brings with it crazy weather. The nation has had a very dry winter which usually signals more rain. And the perseverance of hail storms has become nearly a quarterly occurrence in some area's of Queensland. So to make sure your car is protected this storm season, if you don't have a lock up garage get in touch with the guys at Total Shade Solutions to learn more about their car shade solutions.

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