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Apartment Revamp Embraces both Pastels

Even though it is the lovely light pinks in the living space, pastel blue and brilliant metallics that instantly grab your attentions, this adaptable and ingenious apartment is about much more than mere aesthetics. A new, flexible floor plan sees the bedroom and the living area next to one another with suspended glass and black powder coated stainless steel sliding doors separating that spaces. Sliding doors also create a small, private space next to the living area that can be used as a guest room, additional family room or even a home office when needed.

With a continuous oak floor, gorgeous splashes of jade green and unique black and white tiles in the kitchen that bring visual contrast every corner of this revitalized apartment has something new to offer. A smart kitchen in white, comfortable dining space, minimalist bedrooms and walk-in closet complete this fabulous home in Hong Kong.

How to Clean Tile Grout

1) One of the best choices for cleaning grout is oxygen bleach. This nontoxic chemical is not only color safe, but it also requires minimal scrubbing – unlike many other household cleaners. Simply mix oxygen bleach with warm water and pour or spray the solution onto your stained grout.

Allow the solution it soak into the grout for about 20 – 30 minutes. For deeper or older stains, you may want to wait up to an hour. As the solution soaks in, the oxygen ions within the bleach will break apart the stain molecules. Simply give it a light scrub, and the stain should wipe away easily.

2) Another choice is good, old fashioned vinegar. In addition to being eco friendly, vinegar is incredibly effective and much cheaper than chemical-filled commercial tile cleaner. While it might leave a slightly unpleasant smell behind, it’s much safer to breathe in than the fumes of many other cleaners.

  • Regardless of the tile cleaning method you choose, however, always be sure to prep the surface by wiping away loose debris with a damp cloth.
  • When scrubbing, be sure to use a stiff brush but never anything as abrasive as a wire brush or steel wool as this can scratch and ruin your tile.
  • Finally, be sure to clean your tile at least once a month to prevent deep set stains and preserve its radiant finish.

Cleaning Grout with Baking Soda and Vinegar Really Work?

Does the floor look as if the professionals cleaned it? No. And I know this because the last time Stanley Steemer came out to clean my carpet, they did a little demo to show me just what their steam cleaning technique could do for my grout. And it was pretty amazing! But it’s good to know that a DIY option exists, that it’s effective (AND budget-friendly), and that it leaves the floor looking pretty darn good overall! Read on for all the details…

Grout cleaning and sealing can make a big difference

The Big Idea

If you’re like me, you’ve been dreaming of clean grout for quite awhile. Perhaps you imagine about walking across your floor with bare feet and not a care in the world. So you decide to take matters into your own hands, especially if you’re on the hunt for budget-friendly alternatives to professional cleaners. For some, the thought of scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush can be therapeutic. For others, it sounds like back-breaking work. I tend to enjoy physical labor, so taking a toothbrush to the grout intrigues me. Weird, I know!

Cleaning tile grout with toothbrush

Grout cleaning supplies

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

You will need baking soda, vinegar, a spray bottle, water, a measuring cup, a toothbrush, a small container, and some rags (or some paper towels).

Below we see a close-up of the grout in my powder room. Looks like it needs a little work, right?!

Dirty grout in need of cleaning

Step 2: Make a paste using baking soda and water. Apply the paste to the grout. I actually used the toothbrush to stir the paste mixture and apply it to the grout. Looks messy, right? It was!

Make a baking soda paste

Step 3: Concoct a mixture of equal parts vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle. Spritz the mixture onto the baking soda paste.

And you’ll have a fizzy mix like the one below. It’s like a science experiment in your powder room!

Clean your grout with a toothbrush

Step 4: Scrub the grout with a toothbrush.

Give the baking soda and vinegar a chance to fizz before you start scrubbing, and then work on that grout with determination. I thought it was fun to see the dirt scrub away with ease! Definitely a great activity for those who get satisfaction from eliminating dirt and grime!

Clean grout

Step 5: Wipe away the mess with a water-soaked rag.

Paper towels also work. I actually used a sponge and paper towels to wipe up the excess baking soda and vinegar, but if I’d had some old rags, I would have used them instead.

A Startling Fact about How To Send Money Via Western Union Money Transfer Uncovered


The Appeal of How To Send Money Via Western Union Money Transfer

Unlike PayPal, you will not ever be charged for getting money. You may choose to invest money to get featured. Locate a location in your city at which you are able to receive your cash. Unfortunately, money doesn’t proceed through the banking system as quickly as you may expect ( unless you make the most of a conventional wire transfer). As soon as your money was picked up, which can occur within a short while, you cannot get a refund, even if a man stole your money. If you are sending cash by way of a credit card into some other person, you are likely to be charged 3{569ef9beeb1dcf04c7d2b6cf00e1eca42abe1011d60ca57348f34c86e418e55c} of the money you send. Last Ideas As a company owner, there are several procedures to transfer money into the Philippines.

The check is bogus, but it might appear legitimate and might fool bank tellers. It is probably fake. You’re provided a test to deposit in your private bank account.

How To Send Money Via Western Union Money Transfer

How To Send Money Via Western Union Money Transfer

How To Send Money Via Western Union Money Transfer at a Glance

The check is easily the most probably fake and you will get rid of any money you send. The test is the most likely fake and you are going to eliminate any money you send. It is most likely fake. Unapproved checks won’t be loaded to a card.

PayPal send two little amounts of money on your bank account to verify your PayPal account. Paypal is very better to ship and earn money in a safe way via Internet and for virtually every portion of Earth. PayPal is extremely common in moving cash from any place on the planet to the Philippines since making an internet account is easy, quickly, and obviously, free. PayPal is an online bank and in the event that you would like to work online then you need to get a PayPal account, you can send and get cash immediately from anyone on Earth on your PayPal account. Paypal is among the worldas most convenient approaches to ship and receive money on the net.

Life, Death and How To Send Money Via Western Union Money Transfer

How To Handle Your Customers Once your account gets limited, I’d advise you to refund all orders which haven’t yet been sent, since there is no guarantee you could ever regain the cash. Another thing to take into consideration is the moment if you do it. To a doing business online might be an intimidating endeavor as it’s assumed you will have to have an expensive merchant account to take credit card payments from customers.

According to what you will need money for you can even guarantee it’s deep and touching. Regrettably, there’s no direct and legitimate method of sending money from Paypal to Skrill. In addition, when you wire money, the recipient can pick this up at one of several locations. In the united states, cash needs to be withdrawn in units of $20. In the last few decades, withdrawing PayPal money in Kenya used to be an intimidating undertaking.

The sum of money exchanged will be hidden, but you will have the ability to discover the memo joined to the payment and to whom the payment has been sent. If you are trying to transfer money to the Philippines, you have tons of options today. From that stage, you may use the amount in your Venmo balance for payments that don’t exceed the quantity that’s available. So beware before you cover the cash. Fantastic for gifts, your money is normally readily available to your receiver by 7am the next second. Money recipient must provide her or his ID card to acquire money.


What You Need to Know About How To Send Money Through Western Union Money Transfer

The ideal method to move money to someone depends a great deal on where and how you need to send it. Just stick to the requisite guidelines, and you may instantly transfer money with a couple easy steps. In certain states, but the money can be obtained in a cell pocket or deposited into a financial institution account. Even though it’s moved immediately, it might, depending on your bank, take a day or longer to look in your available balance. You are permitted to transfer money by means of a credit or debit card. To send money working with the desktop client, begin by opening up a conversation window with the individual you’re attempting to send money to. In case you have to send lots of money within minutes, however, the cost might be less significant.

When you send money via Western Union, it’s basically gone once and for all. When you send cash with JPay, you may rest assured your inmate is going to get the funds they will have to have by inside. In the united states, money needs to be pulled in units of 20. The cash you send is moved straight away. How to Send Money Online or via Phone Just as you’re in a position to choose the ship the amount from your house computer or telephone, you’ve got many choices for the way the individual will receive that money. The peer reviewed way of sending money inside Facebook Messenger is considerably more suitable than that which Western Union and MoneyGram provides at this moment. Additionally, when you wire money, the recipient can pick this up at one of several locations.

How To Send Money Through Western Union Money Transfer

How To Send Money Through Western Union Money Transfer

Definitions of How To Send Money Through Western Union Money Transfer

If you’re going to try to cash a money order at the post office, then you might come across difficulty. Money orders are usually readily available for sums up to a particular quantity. They are a good type of payment that’s accepted just about anywhere. In the event that you send your money order through Western Union, it is possible to go to the company online. You may purchase money orders and move money any place in Earth, safely and quickly. If you have to learn whether your money purchase by MoneyGram has been cashed, all you want to do is call the automated line of the business enterprise.

The Nuiances of How To Send Money Through Western Union Money Transfer

There are a number of methods to earn a cash transfer via Western Union. You are able to initiate transfers at an native Western Union place, on the internet or by telephone. Basically, it’s only an electronic transfer of funds, quite similar to that of PayPal.

The check is most likely fake and you’ll shed any cash you send. It is fake, but it might look legitimate and may fool bank tellers. It is probably fake. You’re provided a check to deposit in your private bank accounts.

If you’d like to move straight money, Wal-Mart includes a service that’s less expensive than traditional money transfer companies like Western Union and MoneyGram. Earning money by cable has historically come to be the quickest way to acquire emergency money to someone or perhaps to pay a bill quickly. You are able to also send a card together with the present. As it isn’t actually a credit card, you won’t have to be worried about late penalties, interest, or a credit score check. Tell the seller you would like to use a charge card, an escrow agency or a different way to pay.

For More Information and tips about How To Send Money Through Western Union Money Transfer  visit


Smart living room

Smart and modern living roo in dark green and white

There are some classics that never fail when it comes to spring color schemes. Then there are hot trends that come and go with each year. You can try out the new and exciting this year or stick to the already tried and tested. Altering color schemes in neutral spaces can be easy while redoing the palette entirely demands more in terms of both effort and budget. These are definitely not temporary choices and the trio of color combinations we present today promise to survive beyond spring, making it a great mid-term option as well.

Polished Black and Gold

As a combination black and gold invokes an image sophistication, modernity and opulence. It is a color duo that moves away from the mundane and gives you a world that is anything but sterile. It feels majestic, dashing and works in all seasons when you get the lighting right. Black and gold is a hot color scheme that is making big waves in 2018. With spring normally being all about freshness, bright colors and plenty of light, this turn towards darker scheme of things is a welcome surprise. Try it out in the smaller powder room, formal dining room or even the bedroom before you use it in the kitchen and living space.

White and Green Interiors

From the trendy and exceptional, we move on to a color duo that is much more of a classic and a perennial favorite among homeowners. It is hard to imagine an era when white and green as a decorating color scheme was not popular. In fact, each spring brings with it a new version of the white and green combination with a smart and relevant twist. The last few years, interior design has moved towards a more eco-friendly theme but in aesthetics and ergonomics. This year the theme continues with green and white interiors full of natural freshness and sunlight.

Explore the Monochromatic Look

Whenever we talk about fabulous color schemes, it is always about a ‘duo’ that anchors it all. Then there is another color in the midst of it all to make it even more exciting. But monochromatic rooms can be as exciting and eye-catching as their more diverse cousins. In these all-white, all-blue or completely-red rooms, it is important to work with different shades and tones of the same hue. Layering and lighting separate the obnoxiously garish from the brilliantly curated. Sure, white or gray can still peep in and fill the voids. But the perfect monochromatic room is a masterpiece that is hard to achieve. IF you wish to take up the challenge, then trial and error is your best friend!

Kitchen Trends

From the small herb garden, spring 2018 moves on to adding greenery to the kitchen in a more visual fashion. There is also a colorful surge in there that is mostly reserved for fall. We also have a third, more permanent suggestion that should instantly make the kitchen more efficient and pleasant. If you love redoing the kitchen every once in a while or feel one is long overdue, then you will love today’s story –

Frame Those Botanicals!

Bringing greenery indoors is always a tricky affair. This is true if you are really not that good at taking care of those herbs and plants. Framed botanicals are a cool trend that offers the perfect alternative. They also allow you to create custom art fixtures which are both cost-effective and unique. Placing these in the kitchen just beyond the breakfast bar (which we will get to later), should give the space a more natural and inviting appeal. If you cannot get behind framed botanicals, embrace the trend with botanical patterns for window blinds or even the kitchen backsplash (the latter being a more expensive change)

Charming Wooden Breakfast Bar

The heart of every social kitchen is the breakfast bar and having already shared innumerable inspirations with our readers, the top kitchen trends of spring give us another opportunity to brush up on the biggest hits – wooden breakfast counters. You can ramp up the style here with a natural-edge breakfast bar that balances the more polished and contemporary surfaces in the kitchen with its rough edges and inimitable warmth. A more polished and space-savvy breakfast bar in wood can also serve as an ergonomic addition to the island. Think wood and think about sharing the good times!

Spunky Orange Backsplash

It is true that orange is a color that is often reserved for the festivities of fall. But embracing it this spring gives the white and wood kitchen a fabulous focal point in the form of a delightful backsplash. It will feel equally cheerful once summer rolls in and blends with coastal touches. Then fall eventually arrives and you have a kitchen that is already dressed for Thanksgiving, Halloween and beyond. Yup, a lovely orange backsplash does much more than just energize the modern kitchen. It manages to stay relevant all year long!

Modern Dining Room

Fabulous Modern Farmhouse Style!

If there is one style that epitomizes a blend of modernity and inimitable rustic elements along with ageless beauty of wood, then it is modern farmhouse. As the name suggests, you can blend in modern and farmhouse style design elements in here while varying the proportions of each to get a desired look of your choice. If you happen to be someone who loves the classic, farmhouse vibe more, then load up on additions like the wooden hutches, a heavy wooden dining table with weathered finish, chairs clad in plaid and a beautiful chandelier to give the dining room that timeless appeal.

Choosing the Right Décor

If you want to give the modern dining room a more nature-centric look, then choosing the right décor is as important as the color scheme. A vintage hutch or credenza in the backdrop can give even the most contemporary of dining rooms a traditional touch. Old wooden cabinets that are repainted in white work well in shabby chic settings, while antique furniture can easily fit into dining rooms with a wide variety of themes, ranging from traditional to vintage-modern.


Refined and Inviting

Maybe you do not really want a modern farmhouse style dining space to disturb the overall appeal of the open plan living area. If you are looking to just add a touch of natural elegance and textural contrast to the modern dining room, then the inspirations below the simplicity with which it can be done. One of the easiest ways is to replace some of those dining chairs with a cool wooden bench that offers more seating space and also ushers in rustic appeal. Throw in a plush blanket or even a few pillows to make it a comfortable experience for everyone.

The large live-edge wooden table is another striking addition that surely brings something special to the dining room while weathered and repurposed décor adds another layer of visual warmth to the exquisite dining space. It is a change in small details that makes a big impact…

Houseplants That Are Safe

Spider Plant

Let’s start with some foliage that demands to be noticed. The spider plant has long, spiky leaves that create a dramatic effect without overpowering the room. Below we see a spider plant resting on a fireplace mantel. In fact, this plant’s cascading tendencies and ability to produce dangling “plantlets” make it ideal for hanging baskets.Spider plants thrive when placed next to a window. Not to mention, this plant should dry out between waterings, which gives you plenty of time to remember to hydrate it

Spider plant on a fireplace mantel

Lemon Button Fern

With its small arching stems and button-like foliage, this plant is the perfect accent piece for a shelf or tabletop. In fact, it often levels out at a height of about one foot tall.

Spider plant in a swan planter

The lemon button fern’s curved form and delicate leaves also make it ideal for hanging baskets. At the same time, a simple terracotta pot is the perfect receptacle for this dainty yet eye-catching plant. Low to medium light is ideal, and it’s best to keep the soil moist without over-saturating the plant.

Lemon button fern in a terracotta pot

Areca Palm

I’ve been dying to add some tropical greenery to my interior, but it seems that more often than not, a quick research attempt reveals that my plant of choice is toxic to cats and dogs. I was thrilled to discover that the areca palm is a safe option!

Areca palm plants

This is the kind of plant you can display with pride in a big pot (such as a metallic planter–my personal favorite for a retro modern look). Talk about an instant focal point to the room!

Areca palm in a modern living room

Known for its air-purifying effects, the areca palm is fairly easy to care for. It’s important not to over-water the plant, but it’s a good idea to hydrate it when the soil below the surface begins to feel dry. In terms of lighting, a helpful SFGate article offered the great suggestion of allowing your areca palm to gradually acclimate to indoor lighting by first placing it outside in a part-shade area. After a few weeks, bring it inside to its permanent bright location!

Potted areca palm plant

Baby Rubber Plant

Looking for a plant that works well in containers and glistens with style? The baby rubber plant is shiny and bright, yet low-maintenance. Yes, the waxy round leaves give it a special sheen and a shape that’s ideal for the pot of your choice. The photo below appears in an amazing post from A Beautiful Mess, which showcases a collection of unique houseplants that are non-toxic.

Covered Terraces Usher in Green Freshness

Each volume of the house slowly and effortlessly flows into the covered terrace next to it as the green spaces bridge the kitchen and dining with the living area. Large glass domes cover each of the terraces and keep out the cold wind even as one enjoys warmth and sunshine without having to venture outdoors. The steel and glass roof of the terraces stands in contrast to the more stoic sight of concrete walls and ceiling of the living area, kitchen and dining. One is soon left wondering whether one is indoors or outside thanks to the creative design that blurs traditional boundaries!

At the far end lies the third volume of the house that contains the patio along with a double height glass dome that aids in air circulation. Large indoor plants, a pebble garden and spacious gathering zones complete the lower level with the second floor containing the bedrooms and other private spaces. A perfect interaction of indoor and outdoor design elements draped in a glassy sheen!

Looking For Useful Interior Design Tips For Your Home? Try These Ideas!

interior design tipsProfessional assistance is not needed to achieve stability in your house. Interior layout may work for your home in countless ways; you merely need to be happy to find out how. The content below focuses on a number of the beautiful ideas you may approach interior layout and have it operated at the front of a newcomer!

It is essential to maintain what space is utilized for in your mind when thinking up a new layout. When it’s a child’s room you’re decorating, you need brighter colors that can match their bubbly character. These colors will clash on your library.

Don’t neglect your cellar when you’re planning an interior-design project. In case you’ve got a basement that’s even semi-finished, it could be changed into a fantastic area to entertain, relax or play. If you’re ready to get started designing your house and have a cellar, you ought to consider what you could do to make it a location which you can enjoy.

Part of a wall and wait a couple of days before choosing. You can avoid the hassle and extra expense of re-painting a lousy color choice by viewing exactly how you are feeling about it after a day or two.

A fantastic interior design tip is not to get overly carried away with displaying your large tv or entertainment system. If your friends are over, they will not tend to converse with a giant tv staring down them. Should you appreciate the conversation, ensure that your tv is not the middle of focus.

Incorporate bright colors in your home to place a very mild you can achieve it by putting a glowing couch or cushions on your living space. These may be any size that you would like and, in almost any color, to suit your individual space.

When redecorating your distance, continuously consider resale. Even though you may plan to reside in your house for a while, resale values are significant because situations can vary. If your colors are too daring, to flavor particular or overly fresh, it may negatively affect the future resale value of your property.

When choosing interior paint colors for your house, continually maintain a room’s particular kind of sunlight exposure in your mind. By considering every time a place is the most likely to become brightest, you may select a color that’s cheery and catches that glowing feeling.

Have a look online and in magazines. There are all kinds of books that could offer you good ideas. Before you begin planning, get motivated. Consider as many distinct choices as possible and weigh your options. Conserve the things you prefer. Mix and match thoughts and determine what’s possible.

Since the start of the guide has said, inside design will help your house and your loved ones! You do not have to spend a long time learning the intricacies of style. However, you can spend a couple of minutes studying and taking some fantastic advice. The reliable suggestions above are guaranteed to be of help! (yaw)

Cute Table Lamps

cute table lampsIf you are planning to use the lamp for studying, you might want to select something that gives good light such as a contemporary design lamp. There are quite a few lamps available which will match almost any decor. The variety of small lights is unlimited, and you won’t get any difficulty in discovering what you are looking for when you get started searching.

It’s possible to get those tiny lamps out of any lamp store or some other shop that sell cosmetic items to get home. But if you’re searching for really high-end little table lamps, then you want to visit the designer furniture shops or shop online. Small table lamps are the lamps that are extremely valuable for low light location.

You have to pick what you may use the table lamp design to get. There are a few of things to think about when choosing a desk lamp to your bedside. Luckily, it’s easy to supplement that mild with table lamps, or perchance a floor lamp. It’s multiple lights along with an excellent large scale; for that reason, it could be excellent for at least a dining table, a foyer, or only a kitchen island. One main reason we love this beautiful night light is since it created with love. If you’re likely to use it to get a night light, a tiny lamp could be a fantastic alternative.

You can pick any incandescent bulbs according to your needs. This light bulb is excellent for your customers as it is too cheap plus it is the best stuff for view at a small location. The fluorescent light bulb doesn’t have any harsh substances but led may be harsh because of its environment and may be affected by severe issues.

Decoration design, but they also have the distinct advantage of being relatively straightforward to incorporate in a lot of various sorts of interior decoration. This bulb may enhance the beauty of the environment. Apparent reflector filament spotlight bulbs can also be used from the lampshade to extend the perfect spotlight.

The lamp is made by check Olite that is a very reputable firm which takes pride in creating quality alternatives. Together with the capability of Philips, this lamp provides you a comprehensive choice of brightness it’s possible to correct and control using the program. Be it a desk lamp by way of your mum’s images or a beautiful frame, pick the one so.

If you want to have folks over but do not have space for a lot of seats, you can always eliminate a coffee table and select to get a few ottomans which could double as a place for visitors to sit. Ends up being used as seats rather than just for sleeping, which usually means you may opt to find an extra quilt or throw blanket to stay on top when that becomes a mattress, assisting you to possess both a bed and chairs. (yaw)

Apartment Modern Consept

A small internal courtyard leads to the apartment where a spacious entry gives way to the open plan living area. Translucent screens with dark, metallic frames act as room dividers that allow light to pass through, even while elevating the industrial aura of the home. The open living area is characterized by its gorgeous exposed brick walls, contemporary concrete surfaces and metallic finishes; all of which sit comfortably next to one another. The dark and dashing kitchen with shelves and cabinets that reach all the way up to the roof, a dynamic and versatile island with breakfast bar, and a cozy dining room with industrial-style lighting complete this space.

Exposed brick walls coupled with dark metallic decor creates the perfect industrial home

Open living area, kitchen and dining room of Apartment UV

Stylish concrete, metal and brick finishes inside the contemporary industrial apartment

Modern industrial apartment UB in Riga, Latvia

Stylish and dark industrial kitchen of the Latvian apartment

Exposed Brick Walls

I’ve been in love with brick walls for a long while. Their beautiful texture and the amazing color are so charming that I am honestly considering adding one to my living room. But while brick does look stunning as an accent wall — if done right, there are a few things you should consider (call them drawbacks if you wish) before you start the whole renovation process.

exposed brick walls - kitchen

exposed bricks wall - kitchen

Water seeps in through the mortar

First thing you should consider is a good exterior insulation to prevent water from getting in. Moisture will deteriorate the brick. Simply painting/sealing/staining it from the inside won’t work because it will not allow water to evaporate off since the surface is blocked. Eventually this will cause the paint to chip off and you see yourself in the same spot where you began, with less money in your pocket.

Brick pores, incomplete mortar joints, sills, copings and other gaps will allow water to get in. Find them, seal the exterior and then give time to your brick wall to dry off. Use a hot air cannon if needed (for at least 48 hours) and start the project only when the brick is completely dry.

living room exposed bricks wall

What products to use and how to prep brick

Normal brick shouldn’t affect the durability of paint because most of them are neutral. However, it’s best to go for an alkaline-resistant primer — the risk of long-term or immediate damage is less likely. For the exterior you should use a porous paint so that the brick can breathe, and a breathable latex would be a great choice.

Regarding brick preps, it’s quite simple if done correctly. Use soap and water to clean it up. Don’t go for acid solutions, they might do more damage than you think (and could result in paint chipping, as well). You’ll need to get rid of efflorescence — that white residue which sometimes appears on brick, wash off dirt and eliminate mold with weed killer. Then seal any cracks you may find. If you decide to paint it up, throw a water repellent before the conditioner and the primer, but make sure you allowed a few days for it to dry off.

exposed brick wall hallway

exposed brick wall living room

If you decide to stain your bricks, our advice is to go for professional help; it’s more expensive but totally worth it. The advantage with the brick stain is that it penetrates the pores of the brick, rather then sitting on the surface like in the case of paint.

Brick Walls: Good or Bad?

Everyone seems to want exposed brick walls! What is your experience with brick walls. Have you had any issues? Or do you just enjoy the beautiful charm it adds to the room and don’t have to deal with any of the above?

Let us know in the comments and cast your vote below.

modern living room with exposed brick wall

modern bedroom with exposed brick wall

exposed brick walls in the living room

exposed brick walls in the bathroom

Home Offices with Brick Walls

Work desk adds color to the contemporary home office with brick wall [Design: Jill Wolff Interior Design]

If there is one room in the modern home that has evolved leaps and bounds in the last few years, it is undoubtedly the home office. Homeowners these days are opting for a spacious, stylish and dedicated home office ahead of even spaces like the formal dining room and the playroom. It is easy to understand this shift, with many of us more inclined to take work home now than ever before. Both smart technology and wireless connectivity have turned the home office into a ‘must-have’ for almost everyone. And today we take a look at how you can elevate the style quotient of your home office by embracing exposed brick walls.

Over the last few months, we have featured the very best living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms that tap into the charm of the brick wall, and today we complete this series by finally shedding the spotlight on the home office. A home office with brick walls is both fashionable and has an air of traditional elegance that brings together the best of both worlds. Beautiful, bold and definitely dashing, here is a collection of the very best from all over the world –

Ingenious home office design combines modern and traditional styles with ease [Design: Bespoke Architecture]

Painting It White!

Even though exposed brick walls look great in certain rooms, many of us are worried about too much red that they bring. This essentially disturbs the color scheme of your home office and might turn an otherwise neutral and relaxed setting into something far more audacious. A simple solution here is to whitewash the brick wall to give it that rustic appeal and ensure that it easily blends in with the rest of the ‘white’ in the room. A whitewashed brick wall is unique in more ways than one, and its naturally ‘uneven’ finish makes it a cool architectural feature. Those seeking more refinement can turn to several coats of white paint instead.

Let the bricks painted in white create a unique and neutral backdrop in the home office [Design: Vintage Renewal]

Whitewashed brick wall in the home office adds textural contrast without disturbing the color scheme [Design: Chango & Co]

Dark and light walls bring in visual contrast in the home office [From: Adrian Wilson interior photography]

Trendy and Timeless

There are several different styles one can try out in the home office with a brick wall backdrop that ranges from the contemporary to the classic. While it might not have been cool to have an exposed brick wall surface a decade ago, things have changed completely with them topping the trends chart in recent times. Styles like industrial, traditional and eclectic obviously work seamlessly with the beautiful brick wall in the backdrop, but adding one to a polished modern home office has its own range of benefits. Apart from the obvious textural variance that it offers, a smartly finished and sealed brick wall ensures that the home office feels completely different from the rest of the house.

Brick veneer is a perfect option for those who do not have a brick wall to showcase [Design: Todd Arenson Construction]

Eclectic home office with exposed brick walls and full of color and creativity [Design: Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs]

Exposed brick wall backdrop is perfect for the industrial home office [Design: Palmer Weiss Interior Design]

Antique brick walls steal the show in this home office mudroom combo [Design: Katie Emmons Design]

Arched windows and brick walls give the home office a traditional and timeless look [Design: Isler Homes]

Brick wall in the home office is both timeless and fashionable [Design: Spacesmith]

Series of open shelves and closed cabinets create ample storage space in this home office [Design: Carolina Katz + Paula Nuñez]

Accent Brick Wall

Sure, you love the exposed brick wall look and would want to get in on the trend as well. But not all of us have homes where we can simply peel off the plaster on top to find beautifully aged brick walls. Brick veneer is a great alternative here that allows modern homeowners to get in on the fun without actually longing for those timeless brick walls. You can start off by choosing it as an accent feature in the home office, and if you love the look, then it is pretty easy to take it into other rooms of the house as well.