Tiger Teak Ceilings is the Future of Home Design

Tiger Teak Ceilings is the Future of Home Design

The distinctive teak heartwood carries itself in a golden brown hue, which turns into a dark mocha with exposure. White teak, on the other hand, has a creamy color. The look of Tiger teak depends on the proportion of white teak and teak heartwood in the flooring or paneling. An eloquent mixture of these two characteristics produces a dramatic presentation based on the great variations in color and texture. Teak is usually harvested before the tree is too old to ensure the ideal blending of teak heartwood and white teak is attainable. Knowing the desired combination of golden brown and creamy brown color in each component will complement your home’s /exterior design well help you choose the perfect tiger teak planks for your ceilings.

Using tiger teak on your ceilings will add a stunning, bold yet warm statement to the entire design. Tiger teak ceilings play with light the way that paint and drywall cannot. In respect of covering imperfections such as wires, holes, pipes, or rotting on your ceilings; using this spectacular wood for this will come in handy. If your home is built on concrete floor, a tiger teak ceiling works to balance that with its striking visual effect and create spaciousness in the room.



Depending on your architectural preference, there are various ceiling styles that will be a great suit.

  1. Planking ceiling

When tiger teak ceiling is done in planking style, it consists of strips of wood lined one next to the other in rows in tongue-and-groove fashion. This technique forms a fancy design of impressive texture for the ceilings. A perk of choosing planking is that you have the freedom to paint, stain, or leave your tiger teak planks natural. If you are familiar with Scandinavian design, you know that white is the signature color to their design. Such treatment on tiger teak planks will generate an expansive feel for the room. However, it is recommended to leave planks with their natural tiger teak color. The reason being that homeowners are aware of tiger teak’s great value for the eloquent mixture of teak heartwood and white teak making it one of a kind.

You can also use tiger teak planks to achieve a headboard look. Well-known as a signature feature of farmhouse design, headboard ceilings is where little ridges between each plank are left visible.

Another tiger teak planks can pull off beautifully is shiplap a particular feature of beach houses. Shiplap is similar with headboard, only the planks are made to have rabbeted joint on each edge so that they will be fitted together adequately for increased strength and stability.

Tiger Teak Ceilings is the Future of Home Design

  1. Exposed beams ceilings

If you aim for a rustic charm, this style of ceiling design will do the trick with the beams and pipes exposed to view from the room below. It creates a lofty feel for the space and acts as a unique highlight in a large view.

If your ceiling is high up and has arches, having the exposed beams following the slope of the ceiling will keep that large, airy, and classic hallway design in your home. With the natural light color of tiger teak, even a small space can enjoy the beauty of exposed beam ceiling as it will give it a more spacious look.

Tiger Teak Ceilings is the Future of Home Design

  1. Coffered ceilings

Tiger teak coffered ceilings communicate a sophisticated and intimate air to the room. Popularity has been increasing in recent years due to its timeless elegance. Coffered ceilings accentuate a series of sunken panels or rectangular panels that frame together to form comic strip shapes.

This square shape design not only adds a decorative element to your ceiling but also reduces the amount of echo in rooms with tall ceilings.

Deciding where to set up lighting fixtures or ceiling fans for coffered ceilings is not tricky at all. Hanging them at the centermost panel is often the ideal choice so that other panels may feature recessed lighting.

Why is office renovation important

Why is office renovation important

Some view office renovation work as a dreadful chore, some find it a financial burden. But the plain fact is that, for a business to grow, constant office renovation is essential and necessary to maintain such growth. Rather than treating it as a burden, office renovation work should be viewed as a sign of things to come. Actually, office renovations are worth celebrating because the need for refurbishing means your business has made enough progress to make the current style and layout obsolete. Once you have made the decision to start refurbishing your office space, you can start thinking about designs and layouts. Even with a tight budget, professional advice can go a long way to create a whole new office space.

The floor of your office represents the most used commodity of the entire vicinity, so naturally it suffers to most wear and tear. Even the best and most expensive carpeting and tiling would disintegrate over certain periods. When it comes to renovation works, it is definitely wise to replace the carpets and tiles to ensure a fresher and livelier atmosphere. Although it might cost a significant outlay, replacing the carpets is definitely worth it in the long run.

A fresh spray of paint or a wall sticker change can liven up your workplace. The surrounding walls can play a huge part in determining the ambience of your office. A change of colour is essential to follow changes in colour trends. Different parts of the office can be painted with different themes depending on the relevance of the work. Adorning the walls with art and dcor can also make a huge impact on overall ambience.

Why is office renovation important

Furniture can get outdated easily and office furniture is not exception. Daily use can result in typical wear and tear of office furniture. Fabrics can get ripped and stained. Should your renovation budget allow you to refurbish and replace all the furniture with a new set, then you should not hesitate in getting a new look for your office. However if you are on a tight budget, then a simple reupholstering of the fabric or mending of the furniture can come a long way in making a noticeable impact.

Your designer should also provide you with sound recommendations on your new office layout should any changes be necessary. There are countless ways to rearrange office furniture and appliances to create a cozier working environment. Partitions can also be put in place to divide different areas for separate purposes. By arranging cubicles and furniture economically, you can potentially save up on lots of unused space. Less space means less coverage, which would indirectly mean less maintenance costs. Unused spaces can be closed off as storage or partitioned off temporarily should the need to use it arise in the future.

Good design is recommended to create a harmonic and cohesive working environment. It is important to take note that it does not hurt to pay more for a more reputable renovation company with a respectable portfolio. Such companies usually have international recognition as they comply with ISO standards. These companies are reliable and responsible in the sense that they use quality materials for renovation at a reasonable price. They could also provide you with useful advice on how to refurbish your office for the benefit of your business. Good office renovation companies know what their customers want and they set their priorities into satisfying their customers demands. Maintaining good customer relations is important because you might never know when you need another renovation for your office.


How Can Brick Stone Make Your Home Energy Efficient

How Can Brick Stone Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Image source: https://genstone.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Green-Building-Materials-1.jpg

A home that's energy-efficient is actually healthier and cost effective. Energy efficiency modifications in your home can eliminate or at least lessen the poor quality of air that's brought in by various weather conditions. One way to make your home energy efficient is to pay attention to the building materials and to the house design.

In Australia, bricks have long been recognized as commonly chosen building materials. In fact, nearly 90% of the built houses in the said place are constructed using bricks. Because of the campaign to decrease energy consumption in its entire forms, there are building regulations these days that require the newly built houses to be more energy efficient. Well there are some things you need to know in order to come up with an informed choice.

Think about the amount of energy that's usually consumed in your home. Maybe, you'll be surprised to find out that a large part of the home energy is used up in cooling and heating. Cooking and lighting, even when put together, comprise only a few percent. Hence, anything which can help lessen the cooling and heating bills of your home will be a good investment, right? But the question is, do you think it is possible to cut down cooling and heating energy consumption while keeping up a practical thermal comfort inside your home? It is in this case that passive design comes into play.

Passive design handles the energy coming from the sun to improve the house's cooling and heating in a natural way. There are actually four major principles in passive design. These are orientation, insulation and thermal mass.

Orientation. The huge glass portion in the north part allows the low winter sun in. And to block the high summer sun, simple shading like eaves is applied.

Ventilation. When the crest of summer time has already passed, air is permitted to get in and go out of the house in order to make it cool in a natural manner. To optimize cross ventilation, the either side of the building or the house have generous openings with almost negligible internal obstructions.

Insulation. The insulation in the wall and ceiling serves as the obstacle to heat transportation. Insulation efficiency can be calculated by means of its R-value but it doesn't present the whole issue. Various walls may have the same R-value but may not work the same.

Thermal Mass. Wall materials that are dense and heavy, like bricks, suck up heat and hamper its conveyance through the walls. Through these, temperature changes become moderate and the heat absorption during summer is significantly hampered. Compared to brick walls, the lightweight materials have very low thermal mass. And because of this thermal mass, brick walls turn out to be more capable of moderating home temperature even if they have similar R-values.

Now come to think of thermal mass and consider brick stone. The first two techniques in the passive design, which are orientation and ventilation, need to be set up into the house. And your home material preference has a major effect on the quantity of thermal mass in a house or a building. One of the simplest and most economical ways to put up thermal mass is through bricks. Those bricks that are made from clay contain very high thermal mass. They are available to make your home well ventilated, comfortable and more energy efficient.

There is a research proving the idea that Brick stone homes are energy efficient. The said research has revealed that a large part of the heat is bounced back to the outside environment via the brick's exterior panel. Another conclusion that came out is that in summertime, the temperature inside a home that's constructed from bricks remained favorable and comfortable in spite of the changing temperature outside.

The US Department of Energy stated that thermal mass stores up heat by means of converting its temperature. It can be achieved by storing heat coming from a warm room or by means or transforming direct solar radiation into heat. And since brick stone has more thermal mass than other building lightweight materials, it is a very useful element that can be used up in making your home more energy efficient.

To sum up, brick is a very simple and inexpensive technique in putting up thermal mass in your next home. Therefore a brick stone home is more energy efficient than those that are made from other materials.

Amazing Benefits of Custom Swimming Pool Construction

There is no summer activity as refreshing and relaxing as taking a dip in the water or just lounging beside a spectacular swimming pool. Aside from its physical fitness benefits, a stunning swimming pool delivers fun factor to ones life and adds aesthetical value to the property.

Amazing Benefits of Custom Swimming Pool Construction


A swimming pool is an ultimate amenity that one could have in their home. To enjoy the never-ending benefits of a swimming pool, you also might want to install a swimming pool at your house.

Most of the pools are very similar in shape, design, and looks and you might want to install a one of a kind, never seen before, custom-made swimming pool in your property as every pool tells a lot about their owners choice,
personality, and lifestyle. For your own custom swimming pool construction, you must find the best custom pool builders near you.

Custom pool construction is not a new concept as from old times people asked for something different to install at their homes. To keep up with the clients demand, custom pool constructors came up with a variety of custom designs and installed them to increase the beauty of the property.

Amazing Benefits of Custom Swimming Pool Construction

Why do people want to install a customized swimming pool?

Of course, there are amazing benefits of custom pools and thats why people are more and more into custom pool construction these days than ever before.

So, lets find out the wonderful benefits of a customized swimming pool:

Health and Fitness

Swimming is an amazing all-around sport and fitness activity. It is considered as one of the best low impact exercise to keep your body fit and healthy; it works on several different muscles at the same time to ensure a full body workout at once. Swimming one hour burns more calories and fat than exercising for the same amount of time in the gym. Moreover, swimming improves your blood circulation and lungs function.


Whats more relaxing than spending some time and lounging beside your custom made, magnificent swimming pool? Nothing. After a long tiring day of work or a stressful meeting, a cool, refreshing dip can restore your energy and do wonder on your overall serenity. Additionally, a quiet, serene swim in the cold water will help you to calm down your nerves and sleep better later on.

Increase in Aesthetical Value

Amazing Benefits of Custom Swimming Pool Construction

A custom swimming pool construction not only delivers you with great physical benefits but also helps to increase the aesthetical value of your property by several notches. With an intricately built, one of a kind swimming pool, you can turn your otherwise plain yard into a beautiful oasis. This swimming pool not only adds to the beauty factor but at the same time increases the monetary value of your house.

Fun Family Timing

A custom pool construction at your place helps you to socialize more often than not. You can lounge with friends and family at the poolside over a chilled glass of margarita or throw a pool-side party; either way, you can have your loved one gathered together to enjoy some quality time.

Rules For Small Spaced Living

Create some space creating style by applying these house  design rules the professional’s use.

Rules For Small Spaced Living


1. Slim Down – Grab a box or basket and go through the displayed accessories. Too many little things sitting around a small room will clog of the room’s space quickly. It’s amazing how much air space you will create by being super specific about what you have placed on table tops and shelves.

2. Trim Down – Heavy, bulky window treatments not only block the limited light in your small room but are also space hoggers. Free those windows by using shades, blinds or even shutters. There are some gorgeous options to be made or purchased at your favorite house  design store. From roman shades to bamboo blinds, they are all available in the shape and size that fits your innate designer’s eye.

3. Color Down – Though a variety of color breaks up a large house, too much color in a small one will work against your already limited amount of space. It is best to paint all the walls one color or use a similar pallet hue for small subtle changes from room to room.

Rules For Small Spaced Living

4. Lighten Up – Pull in that limited light with the use of mirrors positioned directly across from a window. Use semi gloss paint to reflect the light and keep your furniture polished and your appliances clean.

5. Fabric Up – It is better to fabric up your accents and leave the large furniture pieces to solids. If you already have a busy couch with a floral print, shapes or strips, consider toning things down a bit with a slip cover. Then, bring in those extra fabrics in your accents to provide some visual depth and emotional interest. Have fun with this part of your house  design project!

Bring in those weaves, patterns, and quilted fabrics for this.

Rules For Small Spaced Living

6. Liven Up – Nothing says open space and health like fresh plants placed around a room. Potted plants are preferred but bountiful bouquets regularly freshened up will also work well.

Limited for room? Place a plant in front of the fire place during the warmest months. Angle your furniture and use the extra space to display an indoor tree or palm.

7. Step Up – Ah, a bare wood floor will liven up any space, making the area seem larger than it really is. But, if you are living in an apartment with limited house design options and all you have is carpet throughout, consider bringing in some topper surfaces to lighten things up, try a sisal area rug or a bamboo color on top.